Sunday, March 16, 2014

Another Peony

Hey guys remember me?! It has been months and months since my last post, but life got busy and then I lost my camera charger (AGAIN) and had to wait for another one to get posted but I've still been obsessively checking Bloglovin every single day marvelling at all of your beautiful creations.  

I've still been sewing of course, so now at least I have a few blog posts in the works, I thought I'd start off with this Peony I made a couple of weeks ago.  It's hard to photograph black garments and capture the details so I'll just make it a quick one not too photo heavy.

I've made this pattern before in vintage floral barkcloth, but I took it to USA when we went last year and it done shrank in the dryer, sad face. I can still wear it but only with tights in winter, so this time I added an extra inch to the bodice and an extra inch to the skirt.  This is my perfect pattern really, boat neck, a line skirt, 2 of my favourite things, and it goes together so quickly.  I'm sure this won't be my last, I've actually got a black taffeta with gold spots cut out ready for number 3.  I've decided to always add an extra inch into bodice patterns, I've got a long torso and it helps out with the proportions.

I got this gorgeous trim from Lincraft, you can get it in all different widths, I used it to finish the neckline and cut it down to a smaller width for the sleeves and sewed it on to the wrong side, turned it up to the right side and sewed it down.  It's already gone through the wash ok and didn't fall apart, which I was half expecting to happen so this is good, I'll just wash it on the delicate cycle to be safe.

I got the inspiration to sew this dress when I saw this pretty little lady on Ebay, but knew that it would be way too short for me.

And the back.  So there it is, my favourite new dress.

Also - I saw there is a blog meet up happening right here in Brisbane! But it's on my birthday, so unfortunately I won't be able to attend this one, but I'll definitely be keen for the next one, which I hope there will be! Here are the details xx


  1. It is very beautiful with that lovely trim.

  2. That lace trim is precious! Epic work :D :D :D

  3. So pretty, especially the lace details!

  4. really nice! i love the lace collar! It was a good idea to add the extra inch in the bodic.
    I get really worried about my favourite projects being ruined in the wash too. i either put them in a wash bag on their own (not sure how that would even help!) or wash them by hand. Dry cleaning still shrinks things so be careful of those guys. i have a green silk/lycra shift dress which was drycleaned and is now much shorter! so yeah, tights for me too!

  5. Awe this is lovely! The one you made looks better! :)

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    If yes, follow me and let me know! I'll follow back instantly :) Have a nice day!