Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Simplicity 1609

Well it sure has been a long time between blogs! Between going on an amazing holiday for 5 weeks to USA and Canada and losing my camera charger, blogging became quite difficult, but of course I have been sewing.  I finally finished Simplicity 1609 and I must apologise to the people that have found their way to my blog through searching for that pattern
only to find I hadn’t even reviewed it yet, what a scammer!  Anyway I finally attempted it. 

I had so many fitting issues with this dress it drove me crazy! Between my small bust and large hips I couldn’t find a happy fit with this pattern and pretty much redrafted it from the waist down because it’s built for teeny tiny hips, not saddle bags like mine. 

I figured out the main problem with this pattern for me was I needed to do a serious sway back adjustment, I had a LOT of fabric bunching in my lower back, and I’d already come too far to fix that the correct way because the zip and collar were already in so I did all sorts of creative things to make it fit ha.  Because a lot of the problem was around my lower back and the zip ended there I ended up taking the zip out and shortening it, then moved the back darts closer to try and grab at some of that excess fabric, and there are some strange folds of fabric going on back there but I either had to just deal with it or throw it in the bin because I'd spent way too long on a simple A-Line dress and I loved that collar way too much not to wear it so I shall take the experience as a learning curve! I purchased some craft paper to redraw the pattern and do a proper sway back adjustment to the actual pattern and hopefully that will make for a better fit next time... and there WILL be a next time. I have so many ideas for this dress, it’s such a perfect base that’s possible to achieve so many looks once I get the perfect fit. 

Well that shall do you for know, I have been purchasing quite a large amount of fabric between Mood Fabrics in New York (!), some of the fantastic fabric shops in Portland and my little trip to Melbourne last weekend which incorporated a trip to Clear It – I couldn’t believe they were selling Alannah Hill and Gorman Fabrics for around $10 a metre. Lucky Luke had extra room his his suitcase!

I shall get back to updating more regularly now I can upload photos again! Sewing this dress up has made it very apparent I need LOTS more A Line 60s dresses with every type of collar imaginable... uh oh. Speaking of which I shall leave you with this dress I found on modcloth, ain't she a beaut? x


  1. Love the dress and the peter pan collar. I want to make loads of dresses with peter pan collars too, but I'm kinda thinking it might make more sense to do detachable collars and just one dress (me lazy..?). Your trip sounds amazing, I would love to go away for 5weeks. I want to see pictures of your fabric finds!

  2. Thanks lady! I will get some photos up in my next post! I think you're onto something there with the detachable collar idea too, lazy sewing is my kind of sewing! Looking forward to seeing your finished tartan creation too, I'm all about checks and tartan right now, once I figure out how to successfully match the seams!! x

  3. How gorgeous is that collar!? I think you did a pretty good fitting job.

    1. Thanks Rosi, scalloped collars FTW! I just noticed my dress isn't even zipped all the way up haha!

  4. Good job for a first go! I don't find too many people who are able to use this pattern without having to make huge adjustments. I don't know why it is with this pattern. I know their trying to make a 60s shift dress, but i think because Simplicity want it to be an A-line fitted dress when i think it should be a shift dress They have made all kinds of problems for users who want it to be something else. My friend made this and shes straight up and down, small bum and boobs and she had to adjust the shoulders and took out some of the darts. I just don't think this is a good replica pattern or perhaps the sizing is just plain wrong. anyway that's enough about my issues!
    Good luck with your next go! I love modcloth dress and i can wait to see your version of it!

  5. Thanks Catherine, that makes me feel better to hear I'm not the only one having issues!