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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Vogue 9668

I finally finished this dress last week.  It's more of a wearable muslin made out of very cheap polycotton, I just loved the shade of green, it's very hard to find forrest green fabric I've noticed! Emerald green is everywhere though, I hear it's the colour of the sesason.

So this is the finished product

I got Luke to take photos quickly before work this morning in a mad rush, I think it's time to invest in a tripod, I'm never happy with the photos on this blog, my house is so dark so I'm always rushing to get them done in a small window of time.  I wasn't going to wear it to work but then I decided, why not, it's office appropriate and I've had a lot of nice comments already.

This is hands down the best invisible zipper I've ever attempted, it doesn't look so great in the photo, it's because I still have to slipstitch the lining on the inside and it's not laying flat against the dress, but I'm totally happy with it. I need to really take the time to finish my clothes properly before wearing them, I'm already half way through another item of clothing and I wonder if I'll ever actually finish my slip stitching.  I'm terrible at it, that's the problem and I hate the fact that so many items of clothing require this process.

I didn't change anything on the pattern except the arms, the pattern asked to SLIP STITCH the cap of the sleeves into place, which I would probably fail miserably at and would come apart way too easily.  Ain't nobody got time for that, so I just did bagged the sleeve using a technique I picked up from a separate Vogue pattern in the past.  I think I will always to sleeves this way.

I also didn't line the skirt as I didn't think it was necessary.  This pattern is interesting as it calls for you to interface most pieces so it's quite stiff, which I think gives it the lovely structured lines which I love about it.  I made the decision to try and add some more "cake" pieces to my wardrobe, as it's all about frosting with me it seems ha.  But now I find this dress a little too cakey and I'm on the hunt for the perfect, bright neckless to complement it.  I've been on a fabric splurge as my lovely bosses gave me 300 clams worth of Lincraft vouchers for Christmas! Best present ever, so I've been hitting the big January sale and I'm getting a lot of suiting/wool/cotton sateen, all in plain cakey colours to try and build more of a versatile wardrobe.

One more photo of the dress in full to give a clearer image of the colour. So photogenic.  Not.

I originally planned to make this in an olive green but I don't think I'll bother now.  That's the problems with making muslins, I never want to see a pattern again for at least 6 months after I finish making something.  Oh well I'm still happy with this one.

Yesterday I started another pussy bow blouse, using Simplicity 2501, I'll hopefully finish that this week, and then I'm going to start on New Look 6000 as I decided to participate in this -

You can read about it here -

I brought this pattern last week to use up some of the wool in my stash for a work dress, and then I saw this in my feed so I thought why not join in.  I'm a bit nervous as I've never made a fitted sheath before, I always make full skirts to accommodate my child bearing hips and upon taking my measurments on this pattern, it tells me I'm 8 in the bust and 14 in the waist, waaaaa?! So I better attempt a muslin before starting to get the fit right.  I would like it in a chocolate brown with cream spots, I just have to find said fabric somewhere now and I can get started.


  1. Lovely dress! I'm with you on the photography issue. My photos are soooo craptastic. I look at those blogs with awesome photog and makeup and feel so inferior!
    I invested in a tripod last week so hopefully that will help ($40 from JB HiFi, FYI!).

    I've made New Look 6000 before and it was actually the easiest time I've had fitting a dress. All I had to do was take it in at the sides a bit. There's a post on my blog somewhere.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one with photography issues! I think I'll take at look at good ol' JB thanks for the hot tip! I just cut out NL6000 yesterday and made a quick muslin it seems to be fine. My clumsy grading skills on the other hand.. :)

  2. That colour looks amazing on you and what a lovely frock! Well done on the zipper front :D Can't wait to see your NL6000!

    1. Thanks Amanda! Are you going dotty for Feb too?

  3. I've wanted to make this dress, now I’m motivated to work on it. Yours turned out great! :)

    1. Thanks Vera! I finally got around to slipstitching the lining it looks a lot better and flatter now, I probably should have waited to photograph it properly ha. :)

  4. Hellloooo! Just checking in to see whether there is any Frock Fest action & lo! There is! Good luck with your muslin, I do hope you love it. But let me say how adorable your green dress is - fabulous colour & such a pretty style.

  5. Love this dress on you, the colour is awesome!