Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Liebster Award

I have recently been  nominated not once but twice for this award, which made my heart swell!! So thank you to the very talented girls, Abby of Bluegingerdoll (who just started an Etsy store you can check it out here http://www.etsy.com/shop/Bluegingerdoll and fellow Brisbane gal Erin of I Heart Fabric!

So the idea of this award is to answer 11 questions presented to you by the award giver, and then nominate another 5 blogs to pass the award to with another set of 11 questions.  It's aimed at blogs that have less than 200 followers to share the blog love around.

So, first of all, here are the answers to Abby's 11 questions!

1. Who is your vintage inspiration?
I love the whole 50s and 60s fashion in general, the makeup, the hair, the dresses, especially 50s fitted dresses with the big skirts and the colourful mod dresses of the 60s

2. What is your favourite vintage era?
Eek, I spoke to soon, see above, also I love the flowy fashions of the 70s, brown and orange flower power in particular!

3. Have you embraced the vintage lifestyle in full?
Not at all, I just really love the older style fashion everybody dressed so much nicer and put so much effort in.  Also, the amount of effort home-sewn seamstresses used to put into their garments has to be admired, these ladies would be shocked to the core to see my half hearted efforts in finishing a dress once the the finish line is in sight!

4. Other than the vintage clothes, what would be the one thing you  would pick, if you could bring it back into modern day use?
Better music! It’s hard to find modern day albums that can even compare to some of the class albums of the 60s and 70s!

5. What would you ask your favourite vintage movie star, if you had the chance of having a conversation?
To give me every dress in her wardrobe

6. Do you use vintage recipes in your everyday cooking?
Not so much, but I don’t use recipes so much in general. 
7. Who is your modern day vintage inspiration?
I probably have to mention Gretchen Hirsh, Gertie’s Blog for Better Sewing was a total inspiration for me when I started sewing she is amazing.

8. What has been your most exciting vintage sewing project/ or vintage find?
I’ve only started working recently with vintage patterns, I had a mega ebay win of beautiful patterns from the 60s and 70s recently which are sitting on my sewing desk waiting patiently for me to do them some justice!

9. What is the one vintage item you would love to own?
I would love to collect some more beautiful fabric to sew with, it's so hard to find without paying a small fortune, and furniture, a nice old chesterfield or some art deco lamps.

10. What vintage car would you love to drive?
I don’t know too much about cars in general, maybe an old mustang convertable, something that requires me to wear a scarf in my hair and big sunglasses!

11. What is your favourite vintage sewing pattern ( 
I can't find a photo of the actual pattern, but look at what this woman did with McCalls 4361, it's absolutely gorgeous.  http://wesewretro.com/2012/01/the-von-trapp-wiggle-dress/

And here are my answers to Erin's!

1.  When did you start sewing and what introduced you to sewing?
I started when I first moved back from living in the UK for 2 years in 2007 when I was using all my money for travelling and partying and having no money for nice clothes, and decided I needed a new hobby when I returned to Australia! So I took about 3 classes and then brought my trust user friendly Brother NS30.

2.  What other crafts do you do?
Sewing is my main craft, I'm not a great cook and a terrible artist, but since learning to sew I'm definitely experimenting with more DIY.

3.   What do you look for in a sewing blog?
I usually check what items people have made to see if we have similar taste in patterns or fabrics, I've found a lot of new blogs through We Sew Retro lately.

4.   Who is your inspiration?
It’s hard to say one person that inspires me, I get inspired for sewing adventures by a lot of fellow bloggers and various websites, I love a lot of the retro style dresses on Modcloth, vintage patterns, pinterest has become an excellent source for inspiration. 

5.  Do you have a bizarre talent?
Some might say I'm a good problem solver, if there is a case that needs cracking I'm your girl!

6. What's your favourite thing to sew or create for yourself or others?
I love sewing dresses the most, because everyone loves a pretty frock, even more so when you make it yourself! I'm a bit of a selfish sewer and tend to make things for myself.  My partner Luke has had a pair of workpants waiting to be taken up hanging on the back of my sewing chair for about 2 months now. Time is precious in the sewing world!

7.What have you always wanted to sew but haven't yet, and why?
I want to get stuck into sewing more vintage patterns, but I think I need some more experience on adapting a pattern to fit my body in this day and age, without restrictive undergarments, pointy bras etc.

8.  Do you have an phobias?
I’m not a huge fan of spiders, especially the massive face hugging huntsmans we get here in Australia, but I wouldn’t say any phobias as such.

9. What's something you like to treat yourself with?

10. What was one of your favourite things growing up?
Music was definitley a big part of my life growing up, discovering new bands and genres of music, I played guitar in primary school, making up dances with my sister, going to concerts. I still go to a lot of gigs now, my partner Luke and I usually see a gig every couple of weeks.

Where would you most want to travel in the world and why?
I'd really like to go back to Spain with a bit of money and take a nice long holiday exploring the whole country, I only ventured to Barcelona a few years ago and absolutely loved it.

Thanks again for nominating me gals and sorry it took so long! I'm quite the procrastinator.  Now the 5 bloggers I nominate to pass the award to are:

Diary of A Dot Mad Girl
Bernie and I
Ruffles Gazebo
Make It Til You Fake It

And my 11 questions for these girls are below -

1.     How long have you been sewing for and how did you learn?

2.     What is your sewing process, do you choose the pattern or fabric first?

3.     How would you describe your style?

4.     What is your favourite self-made item? Share a link!

5.     Have you ever drafted your own pattern?

6.     How do you find the time to fit sewing into a busy lifestyle?

7.     What are your favourite clothing stores?

8.     What has been your most challenging project?

9.     Do many of your friends sew?

10.  If you had to choose one, what would be your favourite band?

      11. Where do you buy most of your fabric from?

Sorry for the text heavy post! I just finished another dress so I'll post that separately.  In the meantime, here's a photo of some beautiful vintage barkcloth I was lucky enough to get for a steal a few weeks ago, both long enough to make pretty dresses with and then some.  An absolute score.


  1. oh wow how exciting ^_^ what a fun read! thanks so much for nominating me! what a way to make my day! i will get onto this in the next couple of days! x Ruffles

  2. http://rufflesgazebo.blogspot.com.au/
    woo done!
    Also that fabric is s lovely. cant wait to see the pretty pieces made out of them!

  3. Go you answering 2 sets of questions! :)

    Im not sure if you saw my post about me on the hunt for pattern testers, for my sewing pattern coming out soon:


    If you are interested and have the time, it would be great to have an aussie gal on board!