Saturday, September 19, 2015

2 New Creations

Hello! It's been a while! But this time I have a valid excuse for my absence, I've been busy creating a small person - his name is Reuben and he was 3 months old yesterday! He is a very happy little boy and we've been having a grand old time.  Here is wearing a bow tie I made him for father's day, and don't think I didn't sew up a matching one for my fiancee to match.  Because that's us now, matching outfits for everyone, forever! We shall be living out a constant awkward family photo existence.

I made up quite a few things while I was pregnant, but never got around to photographing them and they're all very roomy on me now.  I can recommend this pattern for growing ladies - I made 3 versions to see me through, very comfortable and pretty.

I wasn't sure what size I'd be on the other size of my pregnancy so I've only really started sewing again now, I'm lucky enough to have bounced back to my original size pretty quickly, breastfeeding FTW.

I thought all tops for the next few months would need to have buttons for easy access but I've found lifting up a roomy top is more discreet instead of clumsily fiddling with buttons and maternity bras, so I found the perfect boxy blouse pattern - Butterick 6175, and it's got the option of scallops and a collar and 2 different sleeve options! I like it so much I've made 3 so far.
This is my most recent version - I looooove this fabric.  So pretty.  I got it for around $5 a metre from Spotlight on sale.  I'm pretty sure it's quilting cotton.

It was hard photographing such a bright white top! So excuse the weird colours in these photos.  I've taken a close up of that fabric so you can really appreciate those saturated colours.  

Not much to say about the construction, it all went together very quickly and easily, I didn't bother pattern matching the back, it calls for a hand sewn button loop but I've made those before and it really throws off a hand made look, well mine do anyway so I just shortened an invisible zipper by cutting it to the length I wanted and sewing over the zip at the bottom a few times.  Resourceful!  I also lengthened the top but about 2 inches as this is supposed to be more of a crop top but I wanted the option to wear it with jeans.  Looking at this photo if I sewed another scalloped version I would add even more length as it gets taken up further than the other versions with the scalloped hem.

Now I'm on maternity leave I have lots more time to reconnect with my blog, if anyone is even using blogs anymore or has everybody moved to Instagram?  

I shall stay committed to Blogger  for now - see you later alligator!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Another Simplicity 2444

G'day Mates!

It's Australia Day in this neck of the woods, so a public holiday today for yours truly, hooray! Even if it is 34 degrees celsius and I'm wasting it inside in the air conditioning watching movies, sure beats the office!

Just a quick one today - another Simplicity 2444 which I made for a wedding last year.  I picked up this vintage barkcloth from the Paddington Antique Centre for a song, ohhhh those colours, I really dig this fabric. 

Not much to say about the construction of this bad boy considering I've already made it in the past, it went together very quickly.

I am ruling the invisible zips these days.  Although they sure are expensive at my local Lincraft at $4.00 a zip! Ridiculous.  My lovely friend Megan who is currently residing in Bali brought a bunch for me over on her last trip back, at only 70c each, now that is more like it! You really have to work at keeping sewing a thrifty hobby here in Australia.  

That about wraps it up for me, see you back here real soon! x

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Good morning!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas, I can't believe it's the last day of 2014 already! The year has really flown.  I've been enjoying seeing all of your 2014 round ups and I thought I might try and squeeze one last post in for the year, considering my poor old blog has been slightly neglected this year. 

This is my favourite Colette Peony pattern again, with the skirt modified to a fairly straight skirt, which I never make due to my trust saddlebags, but I think with the length, sleeves and boat neck it turned into quite a classy little number.  I wear it to the office with a tan belt and shoes or jazz it up with a gold belt and accessories.  It's become one of my favourites.  

I got this fabric for $2 a metre in Bali.  I had to jump on it as Lincraft and Spotlight stock every colour polka dot except brown.  It's slightly wrinkle prone, so I lined the skirt but not the bodice, it helped give the straight skirt structure and not stick where it shouldn't.

Obligatory back view. 

Well folks, that's about all I have to say for 2014, I hope you have a safe and happy new years, I think this will be a very quiet one for us for once.  

Stay cool and see you in 2015! xx

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hello friends of the blogosphere!

It's been a very long time since I've updated, eight months to be precise!! I'm not sure what happened with this blog, I've still been lurking all of your lovely blogs, albeit silently/creepily, but I haven't been connecting with anyone and I obviously haven't been updating, I fell out of the whole scene for a while there.  The longer I left it to update the more I started overthinking the whole process of posing like a goober and uploading my photos to the internet and started doubting myself. I considered shutting down Sew Lonnie but then I realised this blog makes me happy and I write this blog to be part of the sewing community and who cares about everyone else!

In the time since I last updated all sorts of things have happened.  I got a new job, unfortunately it's in a very open plan office where my computer is very much in display, so I think that's contributed to my lack of updates, no more pretending to work while spending lots of time on the internet, sad face. I also walk to work every day now.  My bus ride to work and back used to be blog reading and commenting time so that part of my daily routine has been taken away but the move also means a lighter brighter house with better photo ops, hooray.

Now, onto the sewing already, sheesh! I wasn't sure where to begin with so I took a whole bunch of photos today with un-blogged bits and pieces.  I'll start with this outfit -

New Look 6808 bodice with the cape collar from Simplicity 2444.  I made this a whole year ago actually for part of the USA trip.

A friend of mine brought me the pretty quilting fabric for my birthday, more of a crafting fabric than a garment fabric, but I'm a rebel like that, the thickness of the fabric holds the pretty collar in place nicely.  

The skirt is just another Colette Ginger, this time in denim. Don't look too closely at that "lapped" zipper, my first attempt at one you guys! Go easy, I like my invisibles for their clean finish, but I knew the thick denim required something more hearty.

So that's that! What else can I update you with, I went to Bali to visit a friend back in May and BOY OH BOY did I get some fabric!! My ever patient friend living in Sanur, Megan, showed me all the bright fabric shops in Denpasar but there was one main shop there that I got most of the fabric from, here's just SOME of the fabrics I purchased.  Cottons at $2.50 a metre, gorgeous linens starting at $10 a metre, ohhh it was overwhelming but I held it together and brought so many goodies back with me.

Also - if you're looking for a gorgeous new sewing blog to follow - here it is!

I'm lucky enough to be REAL LIFE friends with this sassy lassy and she really she is the coolest. Yay for real life sewing/gigging/op shopping/crazy cat lady gal pals!

Ok I think that about wraps it up! Yay to being back in Blogland, it's been far too long! See you soon, like, in a few days, not a few months this time :)


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Another Peony

Hey guys remember me?! It has been months and months since my last post, but life got busy and then I lost my camera charger (AGAIN) and had to wait for another one to get posted but I've still been obsessively checking Bloglovin every single day marvelling at all of your beautiful creations.  

I've still been sewing of course, so now at least I have a few blog posts in the works, I thought I'd start off with this Peony I made a couple of weeks ago.  It's hard to photograph black garments and capture the details so I'll just make it a quick one not too photo heavy.

I've made this pattern before in vintage floral barkcloth, but I took it to USA when we went last year and it done shrank in the dryer, sad face. I can still wear it but only with tights in winter, so this time I added an extra inch to the bodice and an extra inch to the skirt.  This is my perfect pattern really, boat neck, a line skirt, 2 of my favourite things, and it goes together so quickly.  I'm sure this won't be my last, I've actually got a black taffeta with gold spots cut out ready for number 3.  I've decided to always add an extra inch into bodice patterns, I've got a long torso and it helps out with the proportions.

I got this gorgeous trim from Lincraft, you can get it in all different widths, I used it to finish the neckline and cut it down to a smaller width for the sleeves and sewed it on to the wrong side, turned it up to the right side and sewed it down.  It's already gone through the wash ok and didn't fall apart, which I was half expecting to happen so this is good, I'll just wash it on the delicate cycle to be safe.

I got the inspiration to sew this dress when I saw this pretty little lady on Ebay, but knew that it would be way too short for me.

And the back.  So there it is, my favourite new dress.

Also - I saw there is a blog meet up happening right here in Brisbane! But it's on my birthday, so unfortunately I won't be able to attend this one, but I'll definitely be keen for the next one, which I hope there will be! Here are the details xx

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Embroidery - Clasp Wallet

Oh hi again! I am supposed to be doing something else but I have found a way to get distracted, thanks blogger.

Look what I just made, my first attempt at hand embroidery and my first attempt at making a frame purse.  It looks a little bit clumsy but I'm hoping that adds to the overall handmade affect ha.

I got a sugar skull pattern from Urban Threads and just used a backstitch for the design then french knots to make the polka dots, as it looked a little bit, uh, morbid as a gift for my friend's birthday so I thought the polka dots would lighten the tone a bit!! It took ages to get the actual shape of the wallet right, and it still needs a bit of work but I'm pretty happy for a first attempt!

I just cut 2 pieces of fabric for the outer and 2 for the lining, interfaced the outer fabric pieces, sewed up the bottom and sides of the lining and outer separately, put the lining inside the outer then sewed up the tops, leaving a gap to turn right side out and superglued it into the frame, the frame now needs a bit of a polish from grubby glue fingers.

Embroidery is a slow process! But I'm happy with my labour of love, and hope the birthday girl will be too.

Back to chores, do not want :( x

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Simplicity 1609

Well it sure has been a long time between blogs! Between going on an amazing holiday for 5 weeks to USA and Canada and losing my camera charger, blogging became quite difficult, but of course I have been sewing.  I finally finished Simplicity 1609 and I must apologise to the people that have found their way to my blog through searching for that pattern
only to find I hadn’t even reviewed it yet, what a scammer!  Anyway I finally attempted it. 

I had so many fitting issues with this dress it drove me crazy! Between my small bust and large hips I couldn’t find a happy fit with this pattern and pretty much redrafted it from the waist down because it’s built for teeny tiny hips, not saddle bags like mine. 

I figured out the main problem with this pattern for me was I needed to do a serious sway back adjustment, I had a LOT of fabric bunching in my lower back, and I’d already come too far to fix that the correct way because the zip and collar were already in so I did all sorts of creative things to make it fit ha.  Because a lot of the problem was around my lower back and the zip ended there I ended up taking the zip out and shortening it, then moved the back darts closer to try and grab at some of that excess fabric, and there are some strange folds of fabric going on back there but I either had to just deal with it or throw it in the bin because I'd spent way too long on a simple A-Line dress and I loved that collar way too much not to wear it so I shall take the experience as a learning curve! I purchased some craft paper to redraw the pattern and do a proper sway back adjustment to the actual pattern and hopefully that will make for a better fit next time... and there WILL be a next time. I have so many ideas for this dress, it’s such a perfect base that’s possible to achieve so many looks once I get the perfect fit. 

Well that shall do you for know, I have been purchasing quite a large amount of fabric between Mood Fabrics in New York (!), some of the fantastic fabric shops in Portland and my little trip to Melbourne last weekend which incorporated a trip to Clear It – I couldn’t believe they were selling Alannah Hill and Gorman Fabrics for around $10 a metre. Lucky Luke had extra room his his suitcase!

I shall get back to updating more regularly now I can upload photos again! Sewing this dress up has made it very apparent I need LOTS more A Line 60s dresses with every type of collar imaginable... uh oh. Speaking of which I shall leave you with this dress I found on modcloth, ain't she a beaut? x

Monday, July 8, 2013

Another 2 tops!

Because I'm a greedy girl and can't stop selfishly making new things for myself after promising friends and my fiancee to make them nice things.  I'm such a jerk.  While on that subject, has anybody made a men's shirt? Any good pattern recommendations? The Negroni seems to be hot contender... Anyway, there's a reason for filling out my wardrobe - I'm going on a HOLIDAY next month to USA and Canada.  Yeah boii. I've never been over there, I've done a lot of Europe and Asia but never the States so it'll be a blast.  There's a bunch of us going too to make it twice as fun, we're flying into Vancouver, then heading to New York, flying down to LA and then driving up through Big Sur, San Fran, Oregon etc and dropping the car back into Seattle and finishing up back in Canada where my bestie left me earlier this year to move to.  She can run but she can't hide..

So does anybody have any good recommendations around these areas if you've been?  What about the garment district in New York? A lot of bloggers seem to go to Mood but I think it's a bit more expensive than what I like to pay... I'm a bit of a scab when it comes to fabric, sewing is supposed to be a thrifty hobby!

Anyway, this is the top I mentioned in my previous post, I used New Look 6808 as the sloper and then drafted a collar and used the short sleeves from the Peony pattern I recently purchased.  Turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself! I'd definitely like to do a drafting course, I see Burda had a webinar for drafting your own bodice and skirt that you can pay to download...

I could have ironed it but I was very hungover in these photos had to make the most of the sunshine with the camera before I closed all the blinds in the house and hid from the lovely winter sun for the rest of the day.

I omitted the facings and just used bias binding, my partner's grandmother gave me a beautiful old sewing box full of beautiful things, including stacks and stacks of bias binding of every colour and size!

This is the second top I made, another mash up of patterns.  Once again New Look 6808 as the bodice just because I know it's a perfect fit, then I used the collar from New Look 6000 because I LOVE THAT COLLAR.  Very much.  I used the sleeves from New Look 6808 but I don't think I like them very much and won't use them again, too much excess fabric that I have to fudge around with. 

I came up with the idea of this top when I saw this beautiful button, I thought how cool that would look on a gingham top with some ric rac, but when I went to stitch it on at the end it was too small and looked silly.  Sadface.

So I just sewed a daisy button onto some black felt until I find a bigger button to replace it, but I think it looks a little bit emo or something with the black ric rac and the button definitely needs a bit of colour in it.

Ric rac sleeves peeping out, so cute, yet so hard to stitch on without falling off. 

The end. x

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Colette Peony

I finally found the time and sunshine to get some photos! I've been sewing a fair bit lately, but my creepy dark house mixed with non-stop rain makes for hard times for getting snappy.

First of all - the Colette Peony.  Remember ages ago I scored some beautiful barkcloth from the Paddington Antique Centre? Well, I did and it was a very exciting time! I cut this out Friday night, yes I know, what a rager, and had it completely finished by 4.30 the next day! I cut out a straight size 2, and didn't make any alterations, except instead of gathering the skirt at the waist I made pleats instead. The gathers with the heavy fabric were just not sitting right.  I then made a bow belt using Tilly's tutorial found here.  

Props to Colette patterns for making such a fabulous, simple pattern, A-line, boat neck, 3 quarter sleeves - A plus.  Next time (and there will be a next time!) I will lengthen the bodice a couple of inches as I have quite a long torso, and I would probably add a couple of inches to the skirt length, as I only sewed a tiny hem and it just sits a little higher than what I usually like.  But this is a winter dress anyway given the thick fabric so I'll be wearing it with tights and brogues I think! 

Here's a shot of the back

I have also been obsessively sewing gathered skirts because I love them. I made a black one not long ago and also recently made a denim version, seen below.  I originally bought the fabric to make another Colette Ginger but the denim is lighter in colour and weight than what I wanted so instead of wasting it I made another high waisted gathered skirt.

Then I made one for work in cream cotton sateen to try and tie in some of the earthy coloured tops I seem so fond of making, seen here with another Tilly bow belt and my modified Simplicity 2501.

I also made a Colette Sencha for my mum as a surprise gift but alas, it was too small for her, sad face.  I think it was the fabric I chose that made this such an unpleasant sewing experience and I don't know if many of you have tried this pattern out, but there was no way I could turn those skinny neck ties right way out.  I had quite the tantrum and instead used a black ribbon and covered some self-covered buttons in matching black for the back buttons.  This top wasn't great anyway with all the hand sewing and the key hole neckline pulls a bit so I don't mind so much that it didn't fit Mum as I'd like to sew her something amazing instead.  I've got some fabric to make the Mathilde blouse now that I know what size she is that I think she'll love.

I went into Lincraft on my lunch break on Friday and they STILL don't have any copies of Simplicity 1609 that I got so excited about a couple of months ago, so I bit the bullet and brought a downloadable version instead.  Then PrintSew failed to email me my login details and password so I had to chase them for it, sigh.  Anyway I finally got an email yesterday with it, so that should hopefully be my next project, I've got some black wool in my stash and want to add a lace collar.  I'm also playing around with good ol' New Look 6808, adding a tie collar to turn it into a pussy bow blouse with some very cool fabric so you'll be seeing that soon too.  


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mad Men Challenge

Julia Bobbin has kindly hosted round 2 of her infamous Mad Men Dress Challenge! I don't even think I had a blog last year when she hosted it the first one, so I was super excited when she announced a round 2 and I could play along!

Just look at these dresses from last year, I adore each and every one of them.

So the inspiration dress is one of Megan's that she wore a couple of times in season 4.  Simple, yet effective! Of course I had to go with a dress with an interesting collar/neckline because that just seems to float my boat, not to mention a contrasting trim! A match made in heaven.

So I went all out, unnecessarily, and got some cheap and nasty polyester to keep in with the 60s theme.  I kind of regret making it up in polyester, it's just so SHINY! Ha, but I will still wear it, probably just not to work.  Also, the fit was really large around the bust in the pattern I used, so the stretch weave was very forgiving in altering the dress. 

I used a vintage pattern - Butterick 2799 which I'd never sewn up before.  I love the version with the sleeves and am keen to make that version up at some stage, sooner rather than later now it's getting cooler and I've got some large floral vintage barkcloth that would work nicely.  It's made up with a v shaped seam from the side of the bust down to the waist, which would also look quite cool with piped seams.

Anyway, here is the finished product, in all it's glittery polyester glory.  I played makeups especially for the occasion.

I love the fabric I used to make the bias binding and collar, it's from a range called Country Garden from Spotlight for $4 clams a metre.  I just sewed up 2 separate pieces and sewed them up either side of the zip and sewed along the bottom to the shoulder seam.  Megan's collar is a lot wider than mine, but I'm happy with how mine turned out.

Invisible collar isn't completely invisible, and I could have gotten a closer fit at the high bust but it shall do for now.

Now for a bit of housekeeping, Bloglovin said I need to claim my blog by putting this code into a post or something something.  I'm confused by all these google reader changes, I never used it anyway, so long as blogger dashboard remains untouched I think I'm good.

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